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Little League Challenger Baseball


The Challenger Division of Little League is a program for developmentally and physically challenged youth,  helping them to enjoy the full benefits of Little League participation in an athletic environment structured to their abilities. More than the skills of baseball learned through the experience, the value of the Little League Challenger Division is found in the proven therapeutic and socialization benefits of participating in sports; the strengthening of participants’ self-esteem; the opportunities to mainstream into other divisions of play and the disciplines of teamwork, sportsmanship and fair play,  which are hallmarks of the Little League program. The Little League Challenger Division provides the framework so Little League programs may offer a structured, athletic activity for all youth in their communities. Playing with the same equipment on the same fields, Challenger Division participants have the opportunity to experience the joys of pulling together as a team, being cheered, and earning awards for their achievements.



The Special Rules of the Challenger Division 


• All Children ages 4 through 18, or who remain in school, with physical or mental disabilities are encouraged to participate. Level of play based upon player’s size, age and skill level are recommended where numbers allow. 

• Teams can include as many as 15 to 20 players. Players can participate in one of three levels: Tee Ball, Coach-Pitch, Player-Pitch. 

• Each player in Tee Ball and Coach-Pitch may use the “Buddy” system, however, it is not mandatory. “Buddies” can also assist the Player-Pitch participants. 

• Every player on the roster is in the batting order and shall play defensively for the entire game.

• No team is scheduled to play more than one game in one day. The side is retired when the offense has batted through the roster, or when three outs are recorded.

• Little League recommends that no score be kept during games.

• Challenger Division players wear the same uniforms, shoulder patches, and safety equipment as other Little Leaguers.

• Insurance for the Challenger Division is set at the same low cost as other Little League Divisions and is available through Little League International in Williamsport, Pa.

• However, whenever possible and with reasonable accommodations, disabled children should participate in unrestricted league play provided their participation is possible and fair within the standard rules and regulations of Little League..





Questions? Please call or email:
Garth Lynch
Division Coordinator 

Bob Fogle
District 54 Administrator